Lake Conroe Area Republican Women   /  2017

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Harriet Kerr Treasurer
P. O. Box 737
Montgomery, Texas 77356

Americanism   To promote awareness of historical and modern day heroes, the Americanism Committee sponsors the My American Hero Essay Contest in Montgomery and Willis Schools. This year fifth graders will be writing about their American heroes in Montgomery. Members of our club go to the schools, read the essays, and select the winners based on how well the students portray their heroes actions. First, second, and third place winners are presented at the annual Award's Luncheon which will be held March 2nd this year.  Please contact Linda Ward,; Diana Walker, or Nancy Oughton,

Awards -   Michelle Martin,

Campaign Activities -  The main focus of the Club Activities Chairman is to coordinate the activities of the club to help elect Republicans. Set goals, strive to increase volunteer hours, become actively involved in campaigns and county party efforts. Keep trace of all members hours worked and report these hours to TFRW quarterly. Try giving each member a form to use to report their hours to you. Remind them to report hours worked for the club. These hours will help our club to achieve awards at the TFRW Bi-Annual Convention.

Also this position is responsible to help provide volunteers at Montgomery County Headquarters office, once a week from 9-1.
Please contact:  Cecily or  Jennie Stephenson,

We now have a new form on the website for tracking your volunteer hours.  Please look under the Forms Section of the website.

Caring for Americans - Please see Sandra Powers' list of activities under the "Community & State" tab.  Sandra Powers,

Caring for Senior Americans - 

Chaplain - Beverly Albert,

Communications -  Melinda Zuber,

Community Engagement - Community Engagement is about building relationships with people outside of our group by attending outside activities and programs. We attend festivals, fundraisers, or community events and are available to “represent” LCARW. Sometimes we have a table set up to give out information about LCARW or sometime we are just there to represent our group. We connect. We interact. We build relationships between the individuals in our communities and the cause we care about! For more information, contact: Kathy Jackson,

Greater Houston Council/TFRW - The mission of the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women is to promote political education in order to increase the effectiveness of Republican Women in the cause of good government. In addition, the Council strives to coordinate activities of the various clubs to achieve the maximum efforts of Republican Women throughout the region to elect Republican candidates. There are 35 Republican Women’s Clubs in the GHC. The meetings are open to all Republican Women.

Hospitality -  A great way to meet other members, help at meetings and/or ease in to new membership! If you are interested in participating as a greeter/helper at our General Meetings or Special Events, please contact: Shana

Legislative Issues - The LCARW Legislative Committee researches Legislative bills in the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress. The goal is to report the main issues to the membership in a monthly newsletter column. The committee also welcomes columns written by the legislators for the newsletter. Luine     Megan Metcalf,

Literacy & Legislative Day -    LCARW supports Literacy Programs and focuses our September meeting on this topic every year. With the assistance of Barnes & Nobles, a book sale of titles from the Barbara Bush Literacy Library Project is held to benefit MISD and WISD schools. Members and guests may also purchase books for their own use or personal gift-giving. Bookplates are placed in each book donated to the schools in honor or memory of the donor’s choosing, or simply as a donation. Volunteers are needed to assist with sales on that meeting day and to distribute books to the schools following the meeting.   Linda Mock,

Media Relations - Marie

Membership - The Membership Vice Chairman is responsible for:
- Maintaining a current club membership roster
- Providing membership reports at both board and general meetings
- Recruiting new members to the club through emails, face-to-face contacts, community outreach
- Retaining current members and encouraging renewals of all current members
- Providing membership applications at all club events
- Being proactive about encouraging people to join LCARW – recruit everywhere one goes!
- Working with Treasurer to complete membership forms to TFRW office on a timely basis
- Coordinating Prospective & New Member Event – create Information Packets for educating new members on how to get involved
- Encourage new members to participate in all activities hosted by the club
- Ensure new members feel welcome and become involved in committee work

If you haven't renewed for 2017, Membership forms are available in the "Forms" Section of this website.   

Membership Directory - Michelle

Newsletter -  The LCARW Newsletter is now sent out via e-mail. It is sent in a form all can open and instructions are given to make the print bigger for easier reading and if you want to print or print just part of it. If you do not have e-mail and want a hard copy sent to you please contact me as soon as possible. 936-446-6879.  This not only will save us money, but we will be able to give you pictures in color and more interesting detail in the newsletter. Hope you will enjoy. Barbara Hilton,

PAC Treasurer - Harriet

Parliamentarian/Bylaws - Kathy Jackson,

Photography -  Mindy        and   Michelle

Scholarship -   Christy

Social Media - Michelle

Special Events - Julie Faubel,

Ways and Means -  Pam Tipton,

Website  - Judy Powell,